Der Frisör

Proposal for redesign of an hairdresser salon.

The redesign of "Der Frisör" is oriented towards the issue of open space and organisation. With the use of multifunctional interior we were able to gain space and brighten up the crowded shop. Due to the use of permeable structures, the shop is in a permanent controversy between inside and outside perspectives, without losing its privacy.

This contrast is also the guidline for the design of the facade. The shape combines the openness of a public facade with the functionality of a seat bench due to the shortage of space inside. The facade slats remind of wavy hair and open up when passing by. The interior was created the same way: easy and everyday handling combined with straight forms and raw materials. The choice of materials (wood, concrete and steel in their original occurrence) relies on local resources and gives to the space a pleasant neutrality. To maximize the working area and the comfort of the customer we got rid of all store shelfs and placed it on top of the sanitary facilities giving the space a new layer. In order to enframe the space and separate it from the shopping mall, we used a suspended ceiling in the horizontal and wooden slats in the vertical direction. The light concept consists of a combination of ambience lights, working lights and a neon sign when entering the hairdresser.

The task for the facade was to combine an inviting hair-like shape with an opportunity to sit on.

step 01: We modelled a simple bench, which arises form the facade slats. The bench provides 4 seats and forms the waitingroom for the shop.

step 02: In order to get a natural hair shape we started with a Perlin noise. This is a technique used to produce natural appearing textures on computer generated surfaces. We populated points on the bench shape and used the noise on them. As a result we got circular areas, which alternate in depth.

step 03: With the parameters we could influence the size and the scale of the fields, to get a nice wavy surface.

step 04: With the z motion we shifted the waves along the height and added the resulting shape with the primal bench shape. The resulting shape looked too nervous.

step05: Through different graphs we could interfere in this addition process, in order to get the final shape, where the bench is still functional and the rest of the facade dissolves in a hair- like structure.

  • Team

    Hannes Hilpold
    Stefan Kainbacher

  • Disciplines

    Conceptual Design

  • Tools

    Grasshopper 3D Rhinoceros 3D