Proposal for austrian pavilion for Expo 2017. Competition finalist: 3rd place.

The problems nowadays can only be solved together. Technology alone is not the answer. A fair distribution and awareness of the bigger picture is the first step into a better future. Our proposal was to create a team spirit within the visitors, through a simple interaction.

The visitor is introduced into a futuristic world, where he is guided through different stations of awareness. Every person contributes heartbeats in form of lights. The collected heartbeats sum up and result in a big IM.PULS. The energy is carried in form of physically waves form the centerpiece of the exhibition to the outside, making an impact on the rest of the visitors. The community is in charge of change and can make an effect through cohesion. At the end of the exhibition everybody can contribute his "heartbeat" to a presented project, concerning a future issues. The exhibition rounds up with the help of a website, which tracks the heartbeats and interests of the visitors, creating a common ground for new ideas.

For the implementation we used soft geometries, clean materials and raw sounds to underline the concept. The whole exhibition is planned barrier-free and can hold 200 people at once.