Intel Visual Life: Cannes Film Festival

Intel approached us once again after our first successful collaboration and asked us to join them with an audiovisual performance at their pop-up showroom at Cannes Film Festival.

Intel's showroom was located right next to the famous VIP Room night club which hosts glamorous parties during the Cannes Film Festival with Hollywood stars and other celebrities as regular guests.
The showroom was part of the Visual Life campaign to promote Intel's new 2nd Generation core processor line. The idea was to promote the new product in a club-like setting in order to make it easily accessible and attractive. Since the target audience, guests of the Film Festival and the VIP Room, are generally speaking no experts in the field, it was more about demonstrating what the new product can do rather than getting lost in technical details.
The live visuals to Neon Golden's DJ set were inspired by the product itself which reminded us of typical urban structures. These structures were translated into a dynamic futuristic city that reconfigured within a repetitive pattern. In terms of color, we also tried to keep it close to the product's and used the actual range of colors of the microchip.