Intel Visual Life: CES

Visual Performance for the launch of Intel's 2nd Generation Core Processor at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas

The American semiconductor chip maker Intel launched its new product line during the CES Opening in Las Vegas. The client's idea was to provide a musical and visual performance at the Visual Life After Party at Marquee Club, Las Vegas as part of the product launch.
Intel's agency Amsterdam Worldwide invited us to create matching visuals to the music of Canadian cellist Zoë Keating, who uses electronic sampling in her live performances to layer the sound of her cello.
Within only three weeks between the project kickoff and the live show in Las Vegas, we created a techno-organic underwater world with different patterns of growth exploring the power of Intel's 2nd Generation Core Processor. The visuals were played back on a 9x6m LED screen and several smaller screens around the club.
Based on the visuals of the live performance, we made a visual loop for one of the musician's tracks. The clip was played back daily at Intel's exhibition stand at CES while Zoë Keating performed live.