Lamborghini Road Monument

We imagine the bull of Lamborghini as powerful creature that is living underneath Sant’Agata Bolognese. Every night it sets its raw engergy free and breaks through the ground with golden horns ...

The two roundabouts mark the position of the bull‘s horns. During the day the minimal intervation reveals only the traces of last night‘s breakthrough. During the night the sculpture rises to full power, so the landmark becomes visible from far away. The sculpture‘s fracture cuts the ground into a couple of segments. Their top is covered by vegetation while the inside is made of golden carpaint. The monument is completed with a strong source of light to create a powerful golden beam.

  • Team

    Davide Di Franco
    Hannes Hilpold
    Stefan Kainbacher

  • Disciplines

    Conceptual Design

  • Tools

    Creative Suite Rhinoceros 3D