Telekom Austria: net culture lab

Net Culture Lab was an initiative by Telekom Austria to create a co-working space for digital natives at prominent locations in both Vienna and Dornbirn. These "enabling spaces", open to everyone with ideas, were created as a place to work on innovative IT projects where assistance and financial support is provided and the exchange of ideas promoted. The Vienna co-working space also served as a venue for workshops, lectures and exhibitions.

Our task was to create an identity as well as the furnishing of the co-working spaces. The idea for the furnishing was based on the concept of a common space where everyone can contribute one's share. With that in mind, we created a rhizome type of analogue generative structure in RGB colors that was split up in and printed on 250 stickers.
At the opening, the spaces (walls, windows, etc.) were furnished with these stickers. Every person present was given a package of 11 stickers that s/he could attach to the wall following a set of five clear and easy rules, and hence made the rhizome grow. This dynamic collaborative process very much stands for the idea underlying the concept of the net culture lab.

  • Team

    Roland Kainbacher
    Stefan Kainbacher

  • Disciplines

    Generative Art Graphic Design

  • Tools

    Creative Suite Nodebox