Tensor, commissioned by sound:frame and Maispace, is an installation that was exhibited at Galerie Kasulke during the sound:frame festival for audio:visual expressions in 2010. It was presented during the festival's opening night with an improvised audiovisual live performance.

Following the festival theme "Dimensions", we experimented with 3D structures in different scales and played with the contrast of large versus small space.
For the installation, we created a volumetric sculpture based on the Weaire-Phelan structure, a structure that is made up of two different elements with the exact same volume. From a mathematical point of view, the Weaire-Phelan structure is the best and most efficient unit cell of a perfectly ordered foam with a minimum of surface area and a maximum of stability. Despite only consisting of two different elements, the result was an interesting, rather complex looking sculpture that was very well suited for 3D projection mapping due to its flat angles.
The individual modules that made up the sculpture were manufactured in polypropylene, a super thin, white, matt material (again ideal properties for projection mapping), using a laser cutter. The modules were then folded and glued together constituting the final sculpture for the installation.
During the audiovisual live performance, three projectors were used to create a seamless projection on all sides of the object.

The second part of the exhibition representing the small space consisted of a jewellery collection including a necklace, a bracelet, rings, earrings and cuff links. All pieces of jewellery were miniature objects inspired by the sculpture and also manufactured through rapid prototyping. The objects were casted in a wax mold which was produced with a 3D printer.