The Vienna Tourist Board hosted a multimedia installation to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Ringstrasse and the capital’s role as host of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. ViennaSphere, an inflatable 360° projection dome accommodated up to 500 people in Spring 2015 in Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan and Paris.

The ViennaSphere is a multimedia artwork commissioned especially for the Vienna Tourist Board and marked two important occasions for the city in 2015: 150 Years of the Ringstrasse and the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Measuring 22 meters in diameter and 20 meters at its highest point, this unique, walk-in 360° projection dome will provide the backdrop for a state-of-the-art audio visual spectacle by Vienna artist collective Neon Golden. ViennaSphere’s semi-transparent skin supports internal and external projections to created an unforgettable, all-encompassing experience. The inspiration comes from different environments found along the Ringstrasse, with the Eurovision Song Contest providing a special highlight.

  • Team

    Valentin Dünser
    Erika Glionna
    Laura Krok
    Tobias Müller
    Stefan Kainbacher
    Alexander Trattler
    Philipp Koller
    Paulina Skibicka
    Marco Fontan
    Maria Elena Soriero
    Florian Herweg
    Tobias Szabo
    Hannes Hilpold
    Dominik Mörth

  • Disciplines

    Conceptual Design Motion Design / Animation Visual Event Design

  • Tools

    Cinema 4D