wireframe lamp

3D printing opens up new design possibilities and means of production, but is quickly associated with limits such as size and cost.The idea for the wireframe is to combine the advantages of this technology with low-cost and ready-made materials. The 3d printed nodes are designed algoithmically using Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 3d. Due to a simple plug-in connector the wooden sticks could be pushed into various geometries. The cage like lampshade casts a soft shadow on the walls, giving the room a warm atmosphere. The focus for this projects lays in the design process oft he connection nodes, which can be applied to different geometries and sizes.

See also related project WIREFRAME FURNITURE.

  • Team

    Hannes Hilpold
    Stefan Kainbacher

  • Disciplines

    Product Design

  • Tools

    Grasshopper 3D Rhinoceros 3D